Double Chin Reduction

What is double chin and How to remove Double Chin

There is genetic tendency in some person to have an accumulation of fat under the chin (submental fat pad), causing the appearance of double chin. The neck area can be readily sculpted with liposuction of the neck and jowl. The fat pads involved are relatively small in size as compared with other parts of the body like abdomen, but even removal of a small amount of fat in this region makes a big difference to the appearance. The double chin is created by subcutaneous fat deposit in front of the neck, below the jaw area also known as a submental chin. If you have too much subcutaneous fat in your cheeks, you may feel like you appear chubby especially if you are not suffering from obesity. Mostly genetically inherited, the under chin fat removal can be done by VASER liposuction through a very small incision under the chin. Neck / under chin liposuction can also be done in combination with buccal fat pad extraction if you are bothered by chubby cheeks

How to remove double chin fat

The anatomy of your neck and chin is assessed and marked by facial cosmetic and plastic surgeon. Facial liposuction is usually done with light sedation plus local anesthesia, or general anesthesia in combination with other procedure. The facial liposuction typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

The double chin removal surgery by VASER Liposuction commences by giving a very small stab incision at the angle of your lower jaw, just beneath your chin , after which infiltration of special saline solution in the ‘double chin’, is done which works to numb the area to help make it a painless process. This saline solution also restricts nearby blood vessels to help prevent blood flow, while temporarily expanding the area so that it is easier to remove the fat from the double chin.

Through a special small size ultrasonic vaser probe the fat is liquefied and emulsified, which also help in skin retraction
Fat is then removed through a gentle suction process designed to minimize damage to surrounding tissues.
A compression garment will usually have to be worn for a few days, to support the neck tissue during the initial healing process.

Facial Liposuction Recovery

The double chin fat removal surgery is a day care procedure and you will discharge same day after keeping you under observation for few hours. The recovery time after chin and neck liposuction is 2 to 3days. Initially there will be swelling, bruises, pain and discomfort, for which we will prescribe you the medication to help in controlling these.