Laser Tattoo Removal Vadodara




Most of the people are fed up by their tattoo which is everlasting mark on Their body.some people want to remove their tattoo because it act as a hindrance in their job. But is it easy to get a tattoo removed, and how do you go about it? It is not the simple task.
Several factors come into play when considering removing a tattoo. Sometime people use crude methods like applying some chemical or burning that area to remove tattoo involve which can cause pain, infection or and permanent ugly scarring. The colored dyes used in the tattoo, as well as its size, depth and density, all decide the suitability of removal treatment, how long it will take, and how effective it will be.

Our Doctor at Excellence Hair Transplant & Laser hair removal Centre Vadodara will discuss all these elements with you and can steer you in the right direction to ensure the removal of your tattoo in the safest,faster painless and most effective way for you.

Laser Treatment- Tattoo Removal

Tattoo with LASER is most commonly used simple, safe, and produces fantastic results. This advanced technology works on the principle that light energy produced by the laser pass through the skin and break up the tattoo ink into tiny particles. These fragments can be removed by various cells via body immune system. gradually after 3-5 sessions of Laser treatment tattoo disappear.

How Many sessions of Laser Treatment

Tattoo can not be removed by laser in just one treatment. Laser has to be given many times usually (3 – 5) times and it depends upon the density, depth and age of tattoo.You get noticeable results after two sessions.

Interval between two sessions

Usually between two sessions gap of 6-8 weeks is required.

Is tattoo removal painful?

During procedure you can feel stinging sensation, which can be eased by applying a local anaesthetic cream and cold sponging.

Best Laser Centre in Vadodara for tattoo removal without scar by Laser treatment

Laser tattoo removal does not give any bad effect or scar on your skin and Is it the right treatment for you.
Laser tattoo removal may not be suitable if you are a darker skin type; this is due to the potential of the area leaving a ‘ghosting’ effect.
People whose skin is lighter than the surrounding area, have the least chance of developing complication.
Contact Our Doctor, he will assess and discuss suitability in your consultation.