Frontal Hairline Transplant

Frontal Hairline Transplant


Frontal hairline has always added to the dashing looks of men over many many years. In men over 30 s, typical male pattern of balding with frontal receding hairline is a common pattern. Now with the new FUE technique and advancement in the technology, it’s possible to have that perfect frontal hairline for anyone and gain your

Success of any hair transplant can be measured by creating a natural hairline. We are better equipped now, than in the past, to create hairlines that meets the higher expectations of patients. Party it is due to the use of greater numbers of smaller, more natural looking follicular units (FU’s) in the hairline region. These smaller follicular units have given us finer paintbrushes with which to create a hairline. However, equally important has been a better understanding and recognition of the visual characteristics that make up normal, natural looking hairlines. Simply using FU’s without a deliberate attempt to reproduce these characteristics does not guarantee a normal hairline. Having said that, creating a natural hairline is a work of artistic skill and scientific knowledge.

Reasons behind frontal hair loss:

There are many reasons for loosing hair. Lack of good nutrition, hormonal imbalance, physical and emotional stress, too much vitamin A, vitamin B12 deficiency, lack of protein, anemia, lupus, hypothyroidism, too much weight loss, medicines like antidepressants, blood thinners, overstyling, trichotillomania.

One important cause of male pattern baldness is genes or having a family history of baldness. According to research, male pattern baldness is associated with male sex hormones called androgens. Among many functions of androgens, hair growth regulation is one of them. Each hair on your head has a growth cycle which begins to become weak and hair follicles shrink, producing shorter and finer strands. Eventually, the growth cycle for each hair ends and no new hair grows in its place.

How Does FUE Hair Transplant Work?

Hair Transplant used to involve a painful, tedious surgery with a long recovery period, however modern technology offers an extremely safe and effective solution with the FUE hair transplant system. This incredible FUE hair transplant method restores a client’s self-esteem and natural hair growth, with minimal discomfort at the same time.

The FUE Hair Transplant method which stands for follicular unit extraction, This micro-surgical technique gently and smoothly removes skin grafts with hair follicles attached, and implants them where they are needed, typically in the crown or around the receding hair line area. This ensures a higher success rate than previous hair transplant methods because the growth cycle is not altered and continues naturally.

Hairline cosmetic surgery

Reconstructing a new hairline is a job requiring surgical as well as artistic skill. It is very important to one’s appearance that a hairline not only be age appropriate the day of the procedure, but look natural as he ages.

Because donor hair is not an infinite resource that can easily be exhausted without proper hair restoration planning our consultation always includes the possibility of future thinning behind and around the new hairline. It is important for younger patients to receive proper and honest counselling of an experienced hair transplant surgeon. To safeguard the future hair happiness that can be achieved by proper planning. A success of hair transplant surgery requires that donor hair resources be used intelligently so as to provide the needed density for both present and future hair restoration needs.

Receding Hairline Treatment

If you’re noticing frontal receding hairline on yourself, it’s time to get it corrected. Don’t wait too long till the late stage of male pattern baldness. It’s time to start looking into hairline replacement options. At Excellence Hair Transplant Center, we utilize the latest hairline replacement surgery options using FUE technology.

The FUE Advantage for hairline replacement surgery

Many hair transplant options are available, but follicular unit extraction- FUE- with our customized modification specially differs significantly from strip technique known as FUT. With FUE, the doctor does not use a scalpel, which means minimal pain, no stitches, no excessive healing time, and no telltale scarring, fast recovery and early to resume work are some of the advantage of FUE hairline restoration.

Hair Transplant Timeline

During your consultation, you will speak with our experts to try to determine the cause of your hair loss. They will take a thorough case taking to rule out any underlying diseases. Once that is ruled out and male pattern baldness is confirmed, you will receive recommendations for treatment options that can resolve your hair loss problem.

After the procedure, you will leave the clinic with covering the donor area. We use the advanced FUE technique which involves no cuts or scars. Follow up visits by personal visit or emails/Skype, are scheduled next day, 14 day, 4th month, 6 month 9 month and 1 year. It’s common for most patients to resume their normal activities within one to two days. You will notice tiny crusts which are known as scab forming at the transplant locations. These scabs will fall off in 2-3 weeks. Within two to three weeks of the transplant, even the newly transplanted hair will fall out. This is entirely normal so please do not worry. The bulb of the hair will then remain dormant beneath the skin for up to 12 weeks. After this time, new hair will grow. You can expect full and mature hair growth in 6 to 9 month time.