PRP for Hair Loss + Hair Regrowth treatment


PRP is made exclusively from your own blood supply. Therefore, making sure your blood is nutrient rich and with minimal toxins, will ensure the PRP that is used at every treatment is strong. We recommend patients INCREASE their consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, and to AVOID the consumption of processed foods, alcohol, all forms of smoking and caffeine. If you are consuming any other medication please contact us to see if it poses any issues.

Each PRP for Hair Loss Treatment is performed by qualified, experienced and certified staff and requires approx 60mins for each visit.

What is PRP + how is it made?

PRP is the abbreviation of a medical procedure known as Platelet Rich Plasma.

Most clients find that they require five or six treatments over a six month period before results are visible, however individual results vary and you may find you need more or less treatments to attain your desired result.

How is PRP made?

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is sourced from your blood supply. Within your blood you have:
• RED BLOOD CELLS (carry oxygen)
• WHITE BLOOD CELLS (fights diseases and infection)
• PLATELETS (repairs damage and injuries)
• PLASMA (contains water and nutrients)

A small amount of blood is extracted from the patient; the blood is then placed into a centrifuge. This results in the red and white cells separating from the platelets and the plasma of the blood. Therefore creating a liquid that is known as PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is a concentration of your body’s own platelets (to repair damage) and plasma (nutrients).

What is it and how does it work?

platelets (PRP) remain.
• The PRP or highly concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma, including essential growth proteins, is injected into the scalp or areas to be treated using a special micro needle.

• It is possible to use PRP Hair Loss Therapy alone to promote hair growth or it can also be used in combination with hair transplant or restoration surgery.

PRP Treatment Criteria

The patient must receive at least 12 continuous months of PRP Hair Treatments as per our recommendations. If after 12 months the patient does NOT experience any of the below benefits, then they patient is entitled to request 100% of their money back from Great Directions.

PRP Treatment benefits

• PREVENT & slow down the rate of hair loss, thinning, hair shedding & hair fall.
• REGROW thinning hair thicker, fuller and healthier without relying on daily drugs or daily chemicals.
• BOOST the health & condition of the scalp naturally without harsh chemicals or drugs (eg oily or dry scalp conditions)
• ACTIVATE the regrowth of dormant hair follicles by encouraging the growth phase of your hair (anagen phase)
• REDUCE the requirement to take daily tablets & drugs to treat your hair loss.

Real PRP Hair Treatment Reviews + Real Hair Regrowth!

Potential PRP Side Effects

Since PRP uses your own blood, you should not have a reaction to it. Studies have noted that PRP has been found to have a positive effect on male and female pattern hair loss without major adverse side effects.
• You may experience minimal pain, pinpoint bleeding, and redness when the injections are being delivered.
• Dr. Kaushik notes that patients often comment on a “full” or “tight” feeling in their scalp immediately after injections that can last up to about 1 day.
• Rarely, she also finds some patients will complain of a mild headache the next day.

Who Shouldn’t Get PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

Though major side effects have not been found in qualified patients, not everyone is suitable for PRP therapy. If you have a history of heavy drug or alcohol use, or a history of smoking, you should not receive PRP hair treatment. You also may not qualify for PRP treatment if you have been diagnosed with any of the following treatments:

• Hypofibrinogenemia
• Cancer
• Sepsis
• Chronic skin disease
• Metabolic disorder
• Systemic disorder
• Hemodynamic instability
• Chronic liver disease
• Platelet dysfunction syndromes
• Acute and chronic infections
• Thrombocytopenia

If you’re not ready for surgery yet or can’t undergo a hair transplant, PRP may be a great hair growth solution for you. If you’d like to learn more about PRP and whether it would be a good option for you, feel free to contact us today!